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Cao Yuri, 06/03/2020

Ordered cakes several times here. Last time, they delivered a wrong one to me. But the customer representative replied fast and had extraordinary service. The pork floss cake was my all time favourite!! Will recommend to my friends and order again.

Huiwen Wendy Zhou, 08/02/2019

exceptional customer service.
I left wrong phone number for my order. The delivery guy is not able to reach me at all. He waited at the lobby and tried to confirm all information with head office. In the meantime, he talked to concierge in the building and hopefully to get correct contact info. I picked up my cake from the delivery guy in the end.
The way he tried to solve the problem was excellent. He did not leave the building with no cares, which leads to an excellent service. Thank you all

Queenie T, 06/21/2020

Absolutely beautiful and delicious 😍 This is one of the best tiramisu cakes I’ve ever had. The icing/powder handwriting is gorgeous in both English and Chinese.

Sarah Micallef, 02/01/2020

I picked up the Florence party series on December 28th of last year & was disappointed with the packaging. The cake was boxed up in a plain pizza like cardboard box. I didn’t mind that too much however after our fancy banquet dinner, we opened the box to see that the happy birthday was written on a piece of thicker paper (like holiday tags) & put on top of the cake. Never seen that before plus the cake was unremarkable! Bad first experience so will not be ordering from here again.

Vivian Luo, 03/22/2020

So disappointed! Purchased a cake yesterday and scheduled a delivery fo 3-6pm today. Nothing happened till now!! I tried to call their phone# and contact them though Wechat, no one answered! ! Would you image that I ordered this cake for my son’s birthday today, we planed everything perfectly, but never thought of no cake coming in!
The ironic thing is that I found my credit card has already been charged! it’s showing a completed transaction instead of a pending one.
If there were a zero star option, I would definitely do so! Watch out if you want to order a cake from them for special occasions! I would definitely not recommend this shop at all!!!