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Angela Hiebert, 09/25/2020

Do NOT buy here.
Worst run company ever. After my first call where I left my contact information for a rep to call me back, I never did hear back. A couple days later I called and did the same thing. They finally called me the next day and I placed the order. I got a call back minutes later saying my credit card didn’t work. They’d taken most of the numbers down wrong. So they tried again and it worked. Then I called a couple days later to add a door and request the holes be cut. They said they’d get a rep to call me back. Never happened. I called the next day and finally talked to them. They asked my order number at which point I realized I’d never been given one. But they found it through my name. The extra door was added and I was told clearly that I could have the holes cut within minutes of picking up. I asked for the order number. They said just to use my name when picking up. When it came time to pick up I realized I needed a friend to pick it up as my vehicle wasn’t big enough. So I called a few hours ahead and they said it was fine. He just needs to use my name to get the order. When he arrived my friend called me saying they needed the order number. Which I didn’t have. Finally they located through my name but said they couldn’t cut the holes as it wasn’t on the order form. So I called back saying I was told I could do it on arrival. The lady got a rep to call me back at which point he said there were many doors being cut and we’d have to wait. 30 minutes! They’d said it would take a few minutes. Then the guy tried to up sell me telling me that only their locks fit in the hole so I have to order from them. Forget that. Don’t be fooled. They don’t have some specialty sized door handles that no one else on earth has.
The incompetence of this company is unreal. I had a lot more to order if this small order went well but I will never order from them again.

Manroop Grewal, 09/25/2020

Excellent customer service from start to finish. I am thrilled with the quality of the doors in the showroom. Great company to deal with in every aspect 👌

ss ss, 10/23/2020

Great company with a lot of experience, which shows in their products and results. The customer service was very good and they were able to deliver exactly what I wanted. Would highly recommend them for the job.

Taran Lalli, 09/20/2020

I worked with Lamber and have to say his knowledge from being in this field was a huge help for me. He was always quick to respond and provided EXCELLANT service! Great prices, great variety and great service at A1 Doors.

Uppal Uppal, 10/26/2020

A1 doors is the best place to buy doors and mouldings. I went to other door places too but this is the best place. Great pricing… Truly recommended

Ajay Rampal, 11/05/2020

High quality products, lots of selection. Wholesale prices. Amazing customer service. Knowledgeable staff with plenty of experience.
Highly recommended !!!