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Deborah Lee, 10/30/2020

Friendly enough upon being greeted and when I asked if I could use the washroom I was told I’m sorry there’s no public washroom. When I said what about if I order something she said then yes you can use the washroom so I decided to order a chai tea latte made with non-dairy milk. They only had soy milk which I can’t have which is not their fault but I found it extremely discouraging that they wouldn’t allow me to use the washroom at first. I’m dressed decently in the middle of doing deliveries for the food bank and extremely disappointed therefore I wouldn’t go back there again or recommend to anybody that wants to support a community that doesn’t support their own community.

Ed Warkentin, 08/23/2020

Have lived in the area for many years and finally decided to try Bagel Classic Cafe for breakfast. Very good value, delicious food, generous portions, and done to perfection. This friendly, polite, family run business has definitely earned our repeat business. We will definitely be back many more times and am looking forward to lunch there sometime soon.

Elizabeth Hamel Pageau, 03/12/2021

Great breakfast! Would be great on the GetintheLoop App 🙂

Mindofyellow, 11/28/2020

Very delicious meal and the owner is kind. I love it!

Reese, 03/06/2021

Great value for some quick service, local breakfast