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Healing Movements Yoga Centre Inc - Yoga - Surrey, British Columbia

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Healing Movements Yoga Centre Inc - Yoga - Surrey, British Columbia

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KABAT 79, 04/01/2019

Very professional yoga studio. Great teachers.
I go there with my family everyday. We love it.

Linda McNeill, 01/11/2017

Loving the classes I have explored this week. Supple focused poses, just enough not too much for my aging body and super care and attention from the instructors. I’m thrilled I found this studio!

Marlene Mena, 09/23/2018

This is truly a place of healing, the moment you enter the studio you can feel the positive energy, the teachers are all great, but if you are hard to impress take a class with Jody she awesome.

Nicole Gagnon, 10/28/2016

Nurturing, loving teachers who really care about their students, continual learning and the journey of yoga rather than the end result of getting into a pose.

Yeongseon Park, 06/12/2020

I’ve been a member for about a year now, and I’m also in their Yoga Teacher Training program. It’s a wonderful healing place run by highly experienced yoga teachers. They have been offering free online classes since the COVID outbreaks in March, which helped me go through difficult times during the pandemic. I cannot wait to go back to the studio when it opens in July! ❤