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G M, 07/21/2019

Had a great time booking and hosting my wedding here! Owners were very friendly and accommodating. They provided exceptional service and were always just a phone call away!

Highly recommend for all you future events! Thanks again for the great memories New Era Banquet Hall!

Govind Deol, 09/26/2019

My family organized a Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party for my sister and it was a great experience. The owner was super friendly and helped us with everything that we needed from the start. They have great prices and provide all the services that you need. The owner was always available before the day of the party to help us make all of the arrangements. On the day of the party, the food was great, as they cook fresh food for every party. Also, the parking is really good as the hall has its own underground parking. All in all, it is a great hall to host parties and I would recommend it to everyone.

Hadeel Ahmad, 08/24/2020

Thiefsss!!!! We couldn’t do our wedding because of COVID and the owner stole our deposit and refused to give it back to us!! We will be taking legal actions!

Harman Dhanoa, 09/26/2019

We had a party here and it was awesome experience, food was delicious, hall was decent and they have their own underground parking. No problem to find the parking as at other banquet halls is always a problem. Staff was friendly, owner was present there to watch the arrangements. Owner operator businesses are always the best. 5 star recommendations for any kind of parties.

Nassim Zhibawi, 08/24/2020

So unprofessional. Paid $1000 deposit before covid, had to cancel the wedding. There was no sympathy, no understanding of the situation at all. Refused to compensate us in any way or compromise in anyway. At the end he told me “go do whatever”. Legal action will be taken.